A Roofing Company In Carrollton Texas Has Our House Of Worship Covered!

The Holy Family of Galveston church has been a religious bedrock to many of the Christian faithful in this area for a long time. This Catholic institution isn’t just a place for Mass and confession though, as they have charity and outreach programs that have done things like host AA meetings, educate kids, and feed the homeless. The charitable spirit of this congregation has made their community a richer area, at least in terms of blessings, but they also fell a bit back in their own budget.

When a combination of age, the Texas sun, and a recent storm ended the usable life of the previous roof, the Holy Family church knew they needed a new one, but couldn’t really afford it. Fundraising was started immediately, and dollars were bound to come in, but Iron Horse Contractors realized this would mean there’d be less of that charity and outreach back into the community for a while. That’s when the owner decided to step up and pay it back to the church for all they’d done for the neighborhood for years.

Under his direction, a roofing company in Carrollton Texas replaced the roof of the church at no charge. Iron Horse Contractors worked with the leadership of the church to let them pick the kind of roofing material and color they wanted, even scheduling their contractors around the many valuable church services and functions. The team was happy to do it to show the church and the community that everyone valued them and wanted to help them out.

Even local atheists, cynics, and the hardest of hearts were moved by the gesture. While the exposure is great for Iron Horse Contractors and will likely lead to them getting more business, the donation of a church roof is no small expense.