Sunday, March 29, 2015

  St. Anne's Society
Purpose:  Saint Anne's Society is a social, spiritual and charitable organization, which aspires to provide fellowship for members, to learn more about our faith through Bible study, to support charities and to provide social and educational activities for families.

Meeting Date and Time: Meetings are open to all women of all ages and are held on the first Sunday following the first Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m.   

Location: Cafeteria at St. Patrick Church

Activities: Saint Anne's Society members share fabulous friendship and fellowship through all of the projects in which we participate and support.  Some of our activities include: 
*  Prayer line
*  Meals for Moms
*  Monthly Bunko parties or socials
*  Lenten Bible Study
*  Easter Egg Hunt
*  Charitable Support Activities
*  Summer Family Barbecue
*  Annual Membership Dinner

Contact: To become a member of the Saint Anne Society, please call or email.
Contact: Sherri Kirwin (409) 789-0311or email: sherrykirwin@gmail.com
Membership Chair Contact: Sue Minello (409) 744-3102, cell (409) 370-1536 Sue.minello@utmb.edu

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